JW Brands —————

We working with landlords, developers, contractors and property managers to implement cost containment of a project and compress the construction time.

We develop projects and products for commercial build-outs incorporate products from our manufacturers.

The company continue offer excellent products in commercial furniture, demountable glass walls, and sound masking for development your projects at much lower cost the traditional methods of manufacture.

JW Brands always working with the best products, time for development, and price for your projects. We offer several solutions and products for your necessities. We can help you in the best selection for your space will be very comfortable for your teamwork and customers.

Services —————

Commercial Furniture

We offer the best solutions in Commercial Furniture with our brands and suppliers for Corporate, Restaurants and Education Institutions.

Demountable Walls System

We offer different options for your interior space in demountable glass walls system, with our best suppliers and manufactures.

Sound Masking

We offer with our brand the service of Sound Masking System for your private offices, Open office plans and public spaces located in your work spaces.

Turn-Key Office Solution

TWG proven concept can lower tenant costs by 30-50% over conventional warm-space build-outs by revolutionizing the typical tenant improvement process.

TURN-KEY Office Solution

Our company through TWG offer a turn-key solution for transforming a warm-shell leased office space into a fully furnished, same Building. Better Environment at half the cost. Completely Furnished Office space starting $20/ft1 …Installed!

“In 2011 the economy was lousy, but it had brought some good: The Webb Group’s turnkey solution that includes walls, furniture, and flooring. To vouch for it, we found The Webb Group’s John Webb, the American Diabetes Association Chicago director Jeannette Flom, and GlenStar managing director Christian Domin. It means no more lengthy demos or construction, and clients can turn a B or C space into an A space. Tenants can save money (up to 40% vs. conventional build-out) and time (4 to 6 weeks vs. 10 to 12) and it’s almost 100% reusable.

Christian chose the TWG Complete Office program for 55 East Monroe, which houses Jeanette and the ADA. Jeanettes thrilled with the open, professional space and, of course, the cost efficiency. 6 years later American Diabetes Association renews their lease with Glenstar, adding 1000 ft to their, lease and requesting TWG’s Turnkey solutions. This time reconfiguration a few of TWG demountable wall by stem, replacing just to few carpet, tile and additional new furniture with 60% less cost then original cost.”


Cost Savings

TWG proven concept can lower tenant costs by 30-50% over conventional warm-space build-outs by revolutionizing the typical tenant improvement process. As a result, we can offer a fully furnished space within the tenant improvement allowance.

[1] Based on 200 RSF per person, rentable space per lease, 80:20 ration open plan to private offices, one reception station & one conference room per 5,000 RSF.

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